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Ralph C. Chapa Explains Why Experience in Litigation is an Important Asset in a Lawyer

Litigation Ensures that a Client is Properly Represented in the Courtroom, Explains Ralph C. Chapa

Legal issues arise all the time. How people deal with them can lead to better results. Ralph C. Chapa, an attorney licensed to practice law in both Florida and Michigan explains the need to work with a lawyer experienced in litigation.

Often, people choose arbitration as it allows for settling a legal dispute outside of a courtroom. As such, people choose a lawyer based on cost and the area of law they specialize in. Ralph Chapa explains that this can be a mistake as arbitration does not always settle the problems. Meanwhile, the lawyer chosen to deal with arbitration may not have sufficient experience in litigation, leading to problems in the courtroom.

A litigator can be more expensive, but it can also lead to a variety of benefits. The disadvantages of arbitration are the advantages of litigation. Arbitration does not allow for appeals. Additionally, there can be a lack of consistency and no cross-examination. Additionally, it is not evidence-based, which means that legal issues are not always resolved in the fairest way possible.

Ralph C. Chapa identifies that there are a number of situations where litigation simply makes the most sense. This includes everything from real estate disputes to personal injury to construction and contractor liability. Particularly in areas of liability, evidence, and cross-examination matter.

Ralph Chapa, who has served in the capacity of President for the Association of Defense Trial Counsel, identifies himself as an aggressive and experienced litigator. He believes that people choosing a lawyer to represent them need to locate a lawyer with significant experience in litigation to ensure that they are able to build a case and provide proper representation inside the courtroom. When a case appears before a trial, fairness is one of the most important things. This involves being able to look at the evidence and cross-examining what the other party is providing. This is where litigation becomes the better option over the arbitration.

As Ralph C. Chapa explains, too many lawyers don’t have sufficient courtroom experience. They are not capable of providing proper representation of a case, which can lead to losing a liability lawsuit. Ralph Chapa identifies that most legal offices provide a complimentary initial consultation. He recommends that anyone seeking a lawyer take advantage of this in order to ask questions, including learning more about their litigation experience.

Ralph C. Chapa graduated from Michigan State University and attended law school at Wayne State University. He has been practicing law for over 30 years and understands the aggressiveness necessary to perform well in litigation cases. When people with legal issues require a lawyer, he believes it is critical to perform sufficient research to ensure that an experienced lawyer is hired.

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