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Ralph Charles Chapa

Ralph Charles Chapa Helps Restaurants Explore Liquor Liability

Restaurant Owners Need to Understand Liquor Liability, Explains Attorney Ralph Charles Chapa

Many restaurants serve liquor to diners, whether at the bar or at a dining room table. Liquor liability insurance is needed in order to address the liability issues that arise. Attorney Ralph C. Chapa out of Farmington Hills, Michigan discusses the need for understanding liquor liability.

Ralph Chapa explains how any restaurant serving liquor needs to have liquor liability insurance. It offers financial protection in the event that someone drinks too much and gets into an accident. In some instances, liability lawsuits can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s not just about having insurance, however. There are a lot of things that restaurants can do in order to reduce the likelihood of anyone getting into an accident after consuming alcohol. Ralph Charles Chapa discusses various alcohol training courses that restaurant employees can take. This includes ServSafe, a program that was developed by the National Restaurant Association. It allows servers and bartenders to identify when a person has had too much to drink.

Ralph C. Chapa discusses how many restaurants have to do their due diligence to cut people off from ordering another drink if they are visibly intoxicated. If a restaurant continues to serve someone, they are responsible for all that a person does once they leave the restaurant. This is what is known as liquor liability.

Should a person get hurt or hurt someone else, such as in a drunk-driving accident, after leaving the restaurant, they can sue the restaurant. Ralph Chapa has represented a number of restaurants throughout the years in liquor liability lawsuits. The insurance that a restaurant has covered most if not all of the legal costs as well as the settlement that is provided to the individual. However, a case needs to be built in order to defend the restaurant for what happened.

Ralph Charles Chapa identifies that even the most responsible restaurants can experience risks when serving people who have had too many drinks. Those risks can turn into accidents. With many people not wanting to accept responsibility for their own actions, they will choose to sue the restaurant.

Ralph C. Chapa does identify that there are plenty of ways that a restaurant can protect itself, and it involves more than just getting an insurance policy. He explains that anyone responsible for serving guests alcohol should go through some level of alcohol training. It can also be advantageous to re-certify employees on an annual basis so that certain details are not forgotten.

Ralph Charles Chapa has been practicing law for over 30 years in Michigan. He has worked for a variety of defense organizations and has served in the capacity of president of the Association of Defense Trial Counsel. Further, he urges restaurant owners to receive legal counsel prior to serving alcohol within their establishments in order to better understand liquor liability.

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